Tip #1:  How to achieve

Amazing Skin Needling Results  

“You are what you eat!”
Tip #1:  Nutrition

If you want AMAZING Skin Needling Results, then you need to ensure you are eating AMAZING nutrient rich food!

You can use the BEST skin needling products, and you can use the BEST skin needling pen or roller — and although these are important factors for you to consider — if you truly want amazing skin needling results, then you need to ensure you are eating food that offers you the BEST NUTRIENTS possible for 3-5 days prior to your skin needling treatment.

Skin Needling treatments trigger your body to produce collagen, and the increase in collagen is what helps to prevent aging, reduce the formation & appearance of lines and wrinkles and to remodel scar tissue.  However, the quality and the amount of collagen that your body CAN produce is impacted HEAVILY by the foods that you eat.

Think of it this way………
  1. Skin Needling is like a Car Key – you use it to initiate & to start the car.   Skin Needling initiates and starts your body to create more collagen.
  2. Nutrition is like the petrol or fuel source – if you have low quality fuel in the car – the car may work – but it will not work as effectively had you ensured the car had the BEST quality fuel in it’s tank.   The nutrients circulating through your blood is the nutrients that your body will rely upon to create high quality collagen.

Therefore, if you want Amazing Skin Needling Results, the foods that you consume approx 3-5 days PRIOR to a skin needling treatment need to also be AMAZING.

The below nutrients is what your body will need to make


  • Manganese:  This is used by the cells in your body that make proline – proline is an amino acid that plays a role in the size and shape of the collagen made by your body.

  • Copper:  This acts like a framework or structure for the collagen to form around.  I like to think of copper like a gardening stake that you put next to a tree so that it has support.

  • Zinc:  This mineral helps to activate the proteins required by your body to produce more collagen.

  • Vitamin A:   Helps to protect collagen as well as promote cellular turnover

  • Vitamin C:   Vitamin C is used by the body to form blood vessels, muscle tissues and……. you guessed it COLLAGEN!  Also, vitamin c is water soluable – this means that the body does not store it for longer than 24hrs.  This is why we need to ensure we consume the daily recommended amount of vitamin c EVERYDAY.

  • Vitamin E:  Vitamin E helps to protect cells within your body from the damage which can be caused by free radicals

  • Protein:  To make collagen, your body needs protein – eg. organic and UNprocessed meat, eggs, fish.

water and amazing skin nedling results

Examples of food that is

Nutrient Rich

  • Dark Coloured Vegetables eg.  Spinach, Kale, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Carrots, Beetroot, Brocoli, Asparagus, Capsicum = these vegetables are JAM PACKED with nutrients compared to the others.

  • Dark Coloured Fruit eg.  Berries (the darker the better), Citris Fruit, Tomatoes, Bananas etc.

  • Brown Rice however the portions should be reduced – so that you can have more vegetables & protein instead.

  • Organic Meats & Eggs are optimum protein sources (remember collagen is made from protein!) However, organic & unprocessed meat should be favoured over processed meats, minced meat and non-organic eggs.

nutrition how to get amazing skin needling results

Examples of food that is

Nutrient Poor

  • Bread (all forms) – substitute for Sweet Potato, Rolled Oats, Pumpkin and small portions of wholegrain brown rice

  • Rice (all forms) – unless it is wholegrain brown rice – and decrease the portion size as well.  You can substitute rice for Sweet Potato, Rolled Oats, Pumpkin and small portions of wholegrain brown rice or lentils, quinoa etc.

  • Pasta (all forms) –  You can substitute rice for Sweet Potato, Rolled Oats, Pumpkin and small portions of wholegrain brown rice

  • Processed and Non-Organic Meats (eg. sausages, minced meat, ham, bacon, deli-meat & any meat that is not organic):  As yummy as these meats can be, there are HIGHER and also YUMMY alternatives that you should be eating if you want the best skin needling results.  Organic beef, pork, chicken, fish etc etc are all healthier alternatives!

  • Canned Food (all forms including canned fish, vegetables, fruit, sauces, coconut milk etc):  Many people argue that canned food has not been scientifically proven to negatively impact humans……. BUT….. I highly doubt that the food contained in a tin can would be ORGANIC.  Not to mention, I personally don’t think you can compare the taste and amazing benefits that come with cooking with AND eating fresh food as opposed to tinned food.

  • Alcohol (All forms):  Alcohol is a carcinagin, it also reduces the effectiveness of your platelets.  And when we do skin needling it is the platelets within your blood that STARTS the collagen formation process because of the growth factors they release once the skin needling has taken place.

  • Smoking (All forms):  I’m sure you don’t need me to explain this point!

  • Oil, Butter, Ghee and Lard:  Take a look at our Meal Suggestions Section – it has heaps of YUMMY and CHEAP meals that you can make that do not rely upon oils, butter, ghee and lard.   Please note – when we say oil – we mean ALL types of oil.

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