Are you our next Model?

We are currently seeking 5-8 models to help to promote our skin needling treatments. 

What is involved in becoming a model for us?

  1. You receive exclusive prices (up to 75% off)
  2. Initially, you are required to pay for your treatments, however once we are able to complete a before and after photograph then you will be refunded 75%.
  3. To be approved, you need to have a consultation with us and we need to confirm that you are a suitable skin needling patient.
  4. You must agree and sign an agreement that you will not undergo any other cosmetic skin needling treatment without our consent.
  5. Once you have completed the treatment cycle and we have the final before and after photo, the photo will be used by us to promote our company and our skin needling treatments.
  6. Your name will NEVER be linked to the photo at all – so if someone google searched your name – they would not come across your photo.

The first step,
is to book in for a Free Consultation so we can confirm whether or not you are a suitable skin needling patient.

Request a Free Consultation