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Skin Needling Rollers

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About our Skin Needling Rollers

Q1.  What are skin needling rollers?

Skin Needling Rollers,  in our opinion, are a must have for most people wanting to rejuvenate their face or skin!  It is a small device that contains hundreds of tiny needles & they are rolled over the top of your skin.  This triggers your body to create more collagen and elastin within your skin.

Q2. What is collagen and elastin?

Collagen & Elastin are substances that control your skins elasticity, youthfullness, texture and volume.  As we age, our body slowly stops making collagen and elastin, this results in skin becoming prone to lines, wrinkles, sagging and discolouration.

Q3. How does skin needling rollers work?

Skin Needling Rollers (when used safely and correctly….) create tiny injuries to the outter layers of the skin.  Your body automatically responds to the injury by sending platelets and blood to the area.  When the platelets see the injury, they release GROWTH FACTORS which tells the body to repair and rejuvenate itself because of the injury, this leads to the body creating more collagen and elastin – which helps to enhance the YOUTHFUL appearance of your face and skin.

Q4.  Titanium or Medical Grade Stainless Steel?

The needles on a skin needling roller are either made by TITANIUM or MEDICAL GRADE STAINLESS STEEL.   Titanium is more durable than medical grade stainless steel, however Titanium is not as hygenic compare with Medical Grade Stainless Steel. It is for this reason that ALL of our Skin Needling Products are manufactured with Medical Grade Stainless Steel – because hygene is alot more important than how long the skin needling roller lasts.

Q5. How long until you should replace your skin needling roller?

With proper care, cleaning and storage of your Medical Grade Stainless Steel Skin Needling Roller …… it should last you approx 3 months.

Q6. Can you share your skin needling roller with someone else if you soak it in 100% isopropyl alcohol for 30mins?

You should never use someone elses skin needling roller under any circumstances.

Q7. What needle length is best for you?

We offer a 100% Free Consultation service to help you to determine whether you should purchase our 0.25mm or the 0.5mm skin needling roller.  Click Here to request a free consultation.

Q8. How often should you do a skin needling roller treatment at home?

It depends on what your goals are……. the best way to figure out how often you should use your skin needling roller we suggest that you request a FREE consultation to us!  Click Here to request a free consultation .   As a guide:

Skin Rejuvenation, Lines/Wrinkles = 0.25mm Roller (min 3-4 days apart)
Skin Rejuvenation, Lines/Wrinkles + Acne Scarring = 0.5mm Roller (min 7 days apart)
Hair Regrowth = 0.25mm roller every night AND once a week use the 0.5mm a roller

Q9. Can you use ANY skin care product immediately after using your skin needling roller?

No!  Unfortunately if you carefully look at the ingredients within skin care products there is most likely a lot of chemical/toxic ingredients that are used as preservatives, colouring agents, perfumes and very commonly anti-freeze!  Yes Anti-Freeze – they add it so that they can make LARGE batches of a product so that it can be shipped all over the planet and not become frozen (which if you have ever frozen a skin care product or moisturiser + then defrost it = it isn’t the same after it de-frosts!)

The facial serums that we offer are 100% safe to be used after using a skin needling roller, they do not contain perfumes, colouring agents, synthetic additives, anti-freeze and they are not tested on animals either!  We offer 3 x serums:
Anti-Aging Serum: Containing Hyaluronic Acid + Matrixyl 3000 Peptides – Click here for more info + to order
Brightening + Hydrating Serum: Containing Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Acid – Click here for more info + to order
Vitamin C Serum : Containing a Stabilised Form of Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid – Click here for more info + to order

Q10. Do we offer training on how to safely and correctly use a skin needling roller at home?

Yes!  We offer two types of training:
— In Person 1-on-1 Training At Your Home:   Available to clients that live within 20km of Perth CBD.   It is available for FREE when you purchase our platinum skin needling roller package – click here for details.  Otherwise it can be purchased for $110 – Click Here To Order
— Skype 1-on-1 Training (video conferencing):  Available to all clients worldwide!  It is available for FREE when you purchase our platinum skin needling roller package – click here for details. Otherwise it can be purchased for $75 – Click Here To Order

Q11. Can EVERYONE or ANYONE use skin needling rollers?

No!  The following people are not recommended to use a skin needling roller:

  • Poor Wound Healing (eg because of diabeties or people with a weak or suppressed immune system)
  • Pregnant or Breast Feeding
  • Patients with abnormal or irregular platelet levels or platelet function
  • Patients with an ACTIVE skin infection (eg active bacterial or fungal infection)
  • Patients experiencing an ACTIVE cold score (herpes simplex) outbreak – however once the outbreak has healed then you can resume using the skin needling roller however we do not recommend needling the area that you had the outbreak in for at least 3mths to make sure it is entirely healed.
  • Patients who consume blood thinners

The above list is only a guide, if you have ANY medical condition, it is recommended that you consult your treating doctor prior to commencing ANY skin rejuvenation treatment.

Q13. How does skin needling compare with laser skin treatments?

Laser skin treatments use lasers which penetrate the deeper layers of the skin & essentially injures the deeper layers of your skin.  This will trigger your body to initiate a wound response (sends blood and platelets to the area to repair the injury) this means collagen and elastin will also be produced.  Laser is very effective at boosting collagen levels – however the risks and side effects of laser skin treatments are WORSE than skin needling (laser treatments require longer recovery and the risk of permanent damage with laser treatments is higher!) Another thing to consider with laser skin treatments is the cost, treatments are often priced at $600 per treatment.  Skin Needling that you do yourself at home costs as low as $9-12 per treatment.

Instead of injuring the deeper layers of your skin to trigger collagen production, skin needling creates a tiny injury on the outter layers of the skin which leads to an increase in collagen production.   Also your face will appear red/flushed with laser treatments and also skin needling, however our patients find the post-treatment redness with skin needling heals faster than with laser skin treatments.

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Skin Needling Roller

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