About our 100% Money Back Guarantee*

Terms & Conditions apply and can be found below


We are excited to announce that from 1st July 2019 we will be offering our skin needling clients a 100% Money Back Guarantee (conditions apply – see below).  This means, after you have received your initial consultation & personalised treatment plan, if you decide to proceed with our recommendations, then you will also be provided with the added peace of mind that we are also providing you with a 100% Money Back Guarantee (cond apply).

  1. Patients must have an initial consultation with Simple Skin Needling.  This will enable us to validate if you are an ideal skin needling patient AND for us to formulate a treatment plan according to your circumstances.
  2. For the guarantee to be valid and claimed by a patient, the patient needs to follow ALL of the instructions stated in their treatment plan.  Unfortunately if patients do not follow all of our instructions then the Guarantee ceases to be valid.
  3. The patient must fully disclose any and all medical conditions prior to commencing skin needling treatments and if the patient’s circumstances were to change, then the Patient is to keep us informed at all times.  Because any change to their medical circumstances may change or alter the treatment plan that we initially created for the patient.
What IS included?
  • All payments related to Skin Needling Treatments – providing the patient follows all of our recommendations from commencement of the treatment plan and through to the end of the treatment plan that we created for that patient (durations range from 2mths up to 12mths -it depends on your situation and the objectives/goals that you are aiming for)
What is NOT included?
  • Any cost or purchase other than the skin needling treatments.
How to claim the guarantee*?

Once you have completed the length of your treatment plan, we will perform another consultation and assessment.  This is where we will assess whether you are eligible for the 100% Money Back Guarantee or whether you have experienced improvements —- and of course what we recommend moving forward.

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*** The $99 offer is only valid to the first 20 x clients to book & purchase their selected package.  Once the 20th Package has been sold, this offer will no longer be valid.  We strongly recommend all clients to request a FREE consultation to ensure this treatment is suitable for you BEFORE making any purchase.  All purchases are valid for 12mths from the date they are purchased and pre-paid packages are non-refundable.  More information is available on our terms and conditions page – click here. lines and wrinkle treatment